Why Choose A Tesla Approved Body Shop For Tesla Repair?

Whether one’s car has been in an accident or has endured a few seasons, getting it repaired is very important. when one owns a tech-savvy and high-end car like the Tesla, it becomes really important to go the certified tesla body repair shops only who knows the car inside out and has the right amount of expertise with this electronic bestseller car of this century.

Not everybody shop in the locals can repair a tesla car, as the car has the most advanced structural design. the body has a skeleton of aluminum casting with stamped technology and extrusion which is all brought together by adhesive bonding and aluminum welding. Also, many other features which are intrinsic or extrinsic are different from other conventional fuel-driven cars.

The tesla body shop and repair center is known for its expertise in handling the mechanical damages as well as the body repairs which can be caused due to various reasons. They not only repair the operation of the car by changing the parts and tools they also make sure that the scratches and dents are all properly repaired. They not only take care of the overall mechanics but also the aesthetics of the car by improving the looks of the car after any kind of collision.

They also will make sure that the body is aligned along with all its components and that there is any such damage hidden away which can later cause operational troubles. A good tesla approved body repair shop knows how to identify the kinks and damages as they are well aware of the design and details of the car and will identify problems immediately.

Benefits of a certified body repair shop

Instead of reaching out to any auto body repair shop for a tesla car, it is always advisable to go to a service center. collisions and accidents can happen at any time and it is quite important to get one’s car repaired so that further damages is not done. Also to make sure the resale value of the car does not dip then also getting a car repaired in time is necessary. some of the reason why choosing a certified body shop is better than any random service provider.

  • Right technicians: the technicians and mechanics at these body shops are highly trained in handling any tesla related problem. Every car has its systems and parts and only a certified company based technician can only understand the problem thoroughly.
  • Right parts: certified body shops are always equipped with manufacturer equipment and parts only for a particular company. In case of any kind of damage one cannot covert their car by adding other company parts, instead one needs to restore the car to the way it was with original parts only. everything about the car should be normal and like it was before by adding new parts.
  • Tools: every car has a different design and thus its requirements are specific as well. especially if one is dealing with a car like a Tesla which is electronic and has some of the best features, then the tools required to handle such cars is also exclusive and customized. A certified tesla body shop will only have these tools which can be used for repairing a tesla car.
  • Better services: companies like tesla believe in after-sales services and well equipped and good body shops are a part of that promise. Certified body shops will only have the cutting edge technology to handle complex cases. Also, they are the ones who will leave no stone turned to make sure that their customer receives no problems while driving the car and also in getting it repaired.

Choosing a body shop

Tesla has its body shops these days, and it has become quite easier to find the right ones easily in one’s local area. However, there are still a lot many things that one need to take care of while selecting from many because the shops will have different features and services while differing in locations. Some of the common things to look out or are:

  • Experience: the people working there should be experienced enough to handle any kind of body problem. One should read the reviews posted by many on the official website to see if the people are happy with the services and if they are satisfied with the final look of their car. one can also check the services that they provide at the shop to make sure that they can help one with the car body problem.
  • Equipment and mechanics: if ones are choosing a certified company auto body shop then it is suggested that one check their work testimonials and see if they have the expertise in handling various works easily and in the given time. Also, make sure that they have all the equipment and requirements for doing bodywork so that nothing is left behind. One should always visit the shop themselves to see the equipment and also have a talk with the mechanics to see if they have technical qualification for taking care of the car.
  • Location: another thing that one needs to make sure is the location of the body shop. never choose the one which is far away from one’s home. One can visit the tesla website and check the list of workshops and body repair shops especially is nearby one’s location. The nearby location of the shop means reaching them there will be hassle-free.
  • Rates and billing: lastly, make sure that one gets a clear idea about the billing procedure the rate that is levied. Always ask if they charge hourly and if they make a subjective and compete for the bill for the client to see and understand.

A good tesla approved body shop is the ones which gets certified by the car making company and going to such shops means one can be assured of quality services, quality parts and timely delivery of the car which will look like its early days after coming from the Tesla service center.