Current FKCA Projects & Accomplishments

  • Working with DBPR, State Workmen’s Compensation Officials, State Attorney’s Office and County Commissioners to crack down on illegal construction and unlicensed contractors.
  • Working with County Commissioners to ensure that all contractors in the County are working under valid State or County licenses.
  • Attend monthly Contractors Examining Board Hearings to insure that all standards and rules are applied fairly and openly and to keep the association informed of new developments.
  • FKCA was successful in facilitating the House Bill and Senate Bill on intrusive inspections of downstairs enclosures. The Board worked hard with John November to work with Tallahassee law makers to stop these unwarranted inspections.
  • The FKCA has retained the services of Smith/Oropeza, P.L. to help facilitate our issues with the Building Department and to give the FKCA a stronger stance on legal issues.
  • The FKCA has met with County Building officials, Growth Management Director, Commissioner George Nugent, and County Administrator Roman Gastesi, along with our attorney, to finalize the expired permit issue to remedy problems for all members.
  • Worked with City of Marathon and County Commissioners for Local Preference Ordinance for local contractors.
  • Hold Membership Meetings and invite speakers from the community to help our members keep up to date on current topics such as wastewater treatment issues, sewer deadlines and upcoming city and county elections.


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