Know Your Contractor

The Florida Keys Contractor’s Association is a non–profit organization that was established in 1981. The programs and services provided by the Association Members enhance their professionalism and encourage their involvement in community leadership to better the quality of life for all Florida Keys Citizens. The Association is dedicated to and active in governmental affairs programs which provides sage and affordable housing and opportunity for home ownership.

The Mission of the Florida Keys Contractors Association, a professional trade association composed of contractors, builders, suppliers and related professionals to the industry, is to serve its members by striving for a successful building environment throughout the Florida Keys.

FKCA Members offer the highest degree of professionalism and service in the Florida Keys. If you are looking for a plumber, electrician or a general contractor to build your home you will find the best among the FKCA members. Our members include marine contractors who can build or repair your seawall or dock, install a boat lift or mooring piles. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Therapy near Sherman Oaks If you need a new roof, windows, storm shutters or a fence on your property you can expect the best from our fully licensed contractors in the FKCA.

The FKCA offers various seminars and educational programs to keep the members informed of changes in Licensing laws, workers compensation and building codes.

The Association represents the political interest before municipal and county authorities, planning and zoning boards, and local government in solving problems affecting the building industry in the Florida Keys.

Monthly Newsletter
Members receive the Monthly Newsletter detailing changes in codes, local issues and up-dated information on what is going on in the county.

The FKCA brings the members together quarterly for our general meetings. The annual dinner dance brings members and guests together for a gala evening of fine dining and dancing. The FKCA hosts an annual Golf Tournament and Poker Run.

A Volunteer Association
The FKCA is a non-profit group. Directors and members donate their time and experience to help build a better community, alternative depression treatment in Rancho Cucamonga. So everyone’s help is needed. Don’t wait, sign up now!


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